Long Lasting Best-in-Class Energy Saving

Metal Roofing Options to Best Fit Your Needs

We take the protection of your property and family seriously, which is why we offer long-lasting, high-quality, energy saving metal roof systems.  We take the time to educate you on the best metal roofing options available to fit your budget and protection goals.  Not every metal roof is right for every structure, so it is important to choose the metal roof that is engineered to do the best job for your situation.  And as a Tri-County Metals Master’sEDGE Contractor, our Energy Roofing Team can provide your metal roof with the best certified warranties in the industry!

Long-Term Energy Savings

What does a “Cool Roof” mean for you and how does it save you financially over time? While more costly up front, metal roofs are a far better investment in the long run. For starters:

  • Metal Roofs are extremely durable and resistant to damage, high winds, and able to withstand corrosive materials or organic rot.
  • Their ability to reflect sunlight can cut up to 40% of your cooling bills and reduce harmful UV rays that can penetrate through other roofing material.
  • Metal is incombustible and flame resistant. This also extends to protecting your home against nearby fires, brush fires, or lightning.
  • Metal roofs last for decades on average. In some cases, it’s possible that the metal roof can outlast the building itself.


Built to Last for Decades

Due to the excellence in build quality and materials from Tri-County Metals, metal roofs are a durable and long lasting option.  Even under intense Florida heat, wind, and rain, metal roofs have on average lasted 40 to 50 years.  Combine that with the peace of mind that comes with Certified Warranty protection and the choice of a metal roofing option deserves serious consideration.

Pick Your Panel

There are several styles of roll formed metal roofing panels available.  Your can choose both the level of protection and look that best suits your property.

Ultra Rib

The Ultra Rib is the main-stay, go-to metal roofing panel for many projects. The main difference with the Ultra Rib to other popular panels is it is fastened to the roof with fasteners that can be seen. This is called an “exposed” metal roofing panel.

Classic 5V

Looking for a classic, Florida-Cracker, or Key West look for your home? This is the panel for you. This exposed metal roofing fastener is currently available in several energy-efficient, cool roof colors. See the 5V color chart above.


For low-slope, commercial, or agricultural applications, the PBR panel is a rugged metal roofing panel that can get the job done. Available in many Core Defender colors, the PBR panel definitely has it place in our metal roofing panel line up.


Would you rather not see the fasteners like you would with an exposed metal roofing panel? For many residential applications, the TCM-LOK panel may be for you. Available in both Core and Max Defender colors, this standing seam panel will offer your home a pleasing aesthetic along with longevity and security.


Do you like the idea of a standing seam panel with hidden fasteners, but have a home or project that will require a panel run of more than 30 feet? Then you’ll want to consider our SL-LOK panel. Using a floating clip system with installation, this panel can span long lengths and is available in our Max Defender, energy efficient colors.


Do you have a commercial project or a larger home that may do will with a pronounced higher rib? The Mech-LOK panel is a standing seam panel that requires a special folding machine to overlap and seal the seam – thus why you see “mech” or “mechanical” in the name. This panel is available in our Max Defender, energy efficient color system.

Pick Your Color

Now that you’ve seen your options for panels it’s time to give it a personal touch. We’re able to give your new metal roof any of the following colors to match your style.


TSR 25%

Polar White

TSR 64%


TSR 66%

Light Stone

TSR 56%

Mocha Tan

TSR 47%

Metallic Copper

TSR 49%

Forest Green

TSR 28%


TSR 35%

Patina Green

TSR 28%

Ash Gray

TSR 46%

Dark Gray

TSR 37%


TSR 29%


TSR 42%

Hawaiian Blue

TSR 31%

Gallery Blue

TSR 35%

Barn Red

TSR 36%

Patriot Red

TSR 31%


TSR 29%

Cocoa Brown

TSR 35%


TSR 34%


TSR 31%

Visualize Your Metal Roof

Click the link below to be taken to a virtual metal roof builder where you can visualize different panels and colors on multiple types of homes.

Go to Visualizer

Making it easy to choose the right roof for your home

Our team is dedicated to helping you select the best roofing option to protect your home and your family. We achieve this in 3 easy steps:

Discover The Possibilites


We would love to meet you on-site at our Roofing Showroom to personally walk you through different types of roofing systems, colors, accessories, and options.

Visualize it in 3D


We’ll sit down with you to showcase your home with your roof selection in a large screen 3D model, allowing you to pick and choose different options before making the final call.

Choose The Right Financing Option


We make financing your metal roof easy with the homeownersEdge financing program. Why should you apply for financing?  It only takes a few minutes to select the loan that matches your needs.

  • No money down
  • Unsecured – not tied to your home equity
  • Great rates
  • Affordable, monthly payments

Excellence in Warranty

When it comes to earning the privilege of being your Metal Roofing Contractor we take pride in selecting the best warranties our manufacturers can offer for your home. Our Consultants will assist you in deciding which warranty is right for your needs and budget.  Ask about the Cobalt and Titanium Certified Warranty options from Tri-County Metals!