The Best People to Restore Your Roof

Over time, your roof will eventually show its age. Shingles will crack, water will seep in, debris will pile up, and the whole structure will begin to droop. Let us at the Energy Roofing Companies be your partner in restoring your roof good as new.


We at Energy Roofing do our best to be the leading commercial roofing service company in the Gainesville FL area. Our team of expert roofers are some of the best in their craft, delivering service that guarantees costumer satisfaction. Not only that, we have the following leading roofing material manufacturers who have certified that we are the best in using their quality products:

  • GAF– Elite Master Contractor and Master Commercial Contractor certificate
  • Duro-last- Elite Contractor certificate
  • Firestone – Licensed Contractor recognition
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Restoring Your Roof

Roof restoration involves cleaning out, fixing, and replacing your roof to make it good as new. While usually done only on flat roofs, we at Energy Roofing can provide you with roofing restoration services for most roof types.

As an option, we advise restoring your roof mainly because it’s often cheaper than replacing the whole thing entirely. Since we’ll basically be reusing your old roof, you won’t have to spend on new roofing materials. However, restoration can only be viable if the damage to your roof is minimal. You’ll be needing an expert roofer’s eye such as ours to know if your roof either needs to be restored or replaced.

In any case, if you want to get the best roof restoration job, then we at Energy Roofing will be more than happy to help you out.

How We Do It


First up, we’ll need to get up there and take a look at your roof. Our expert inspectors will assess the extent of the job that’ll need to be done. This is to make sure that we know the situation so that we can provide you with the best expert advice and prepare for the job at hand. We’ll carefully look for cracks, leaks, missing shingles, and other damage that will need to be taken care of. After that, we’ll report back to you to explain your roof’s situation, and what will need to be done.


After looking over your roof’s condition, we’ll clean it up with high-pressure water mixed with commercial cleaners.

Washing your roof with a high-pressure hose has several benefits. It removes dirt and grime which may have built up over the years. This also removes any pollutants which may have a corrosive effect and compromise your roof in the long run. The force of the water also lets us see any weak spots on the roof we may have missed the first time. Cleaning up your roof will also remove loose particles which can damage your shingle’s protective coating.


We’ll go and remove the broken shingles, tiles and flashing. We’ll then proceed to replace them with similar roofing using our extensive inventory of quality materials by our partner manufacturers.

Damaged shingles and tiles are weaknesses in the roof. Although they may not look too serious now, they may cause more critical problems in the future. Cracks on the roof may let water or debris in, leading to leaks and the surrounding structure to rot and lose strength. This can then avalanche into a flurry of additional, more serious problems. By replacing the damaged parts, we reinforce your roof’s integrity and restore it to its original strength, if not stronger.

Aside from damaged roofing, we’ll also go ahead to repair and replace fixtures which may need attention. Often, flashes may have come loose or rusted away in the course of time. Sealants and caulking may have also cracked and need to be reapplied. Neglecting to take care of these things can make the roof restoration futile, since they may lead to further problems.

As the most technical and labor-intensive aspect of the whole process, this is the best reason why you will need professional roofers like us to do the job.


Recoating involves applying various chemicals to your roof. These chemicals are designed to reinforce your roof and improve their lifespan by protecting them against the weather.

  • Primer. This first layer is meant to seep into the tiles and give the other chemicals something to hold on to. Having a primer is important because it gives a layer of protection to your roof and gives the other chemicals something to hold on to so they won’t peel away prematurely.
  • Sealant. Sealants make it so that your next coats of chemicals can be applied evenly on the roof. They also prevent your tiles from deterioration by keeping their minerals such as calcium from leaching out. Calcium, if they leak out and reach the top layers: usually the paint, can cause the colored layer to become chalky. Good roofers will know this and advise you to have sealant applied to your roof as part of your restoration.
  • Emulsion. The final layer, this is the paint that will give your roof a new and fresh look. Not only should this be applied for beauty’s sake, but the paint will also serve to protect your new roof from ultraviolet rays and pollutants and corrosives in the atmosphere. For best results, you should have your roofing service should apply two coats.

Clearing up

Of course, what kind of professionals would we be if we don’t clean up after ourselves? After the job is done and we’ve given you the best of our services, we’ll pack up and remove any trace of our presence.

At Energy Roofing, we take pride in our work and serving the community. That is why we do our very best to provide our clients the best roofing service possible. For us, you are not only a source of business: you are our partners as well.

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