Replacing rooftops can be a major task for skilled roofing specialists and can also be a momentous event for the owners of the house. The process of replacing the roofing structure and materials for your roof will take up a lot of energy, time, and effort. You will also have to put aside a large sum of money for your roof replacement as well.

should i stay home during roof replacement  

But before you go through with the replacement, you have to first look into the logistics of your home, the materials that will be used for your roof, and of course planning out your roof before making any rational moves.

The process of replacing a roof can be an arduous and even dangerous process. The chance of having falling debris, dust falling from the ceiling, and the chance for accidents are going to significantly increase once a large part of the house is being renovated. Despite all of these potentially hazardous scenarios, it is possible for an average family to stay within the confines of their house while their roof is being replaced. Roofing specialists are usually able to do these replacements within a few days to weeks when there is good weather. Moreover, professional roofing contractors prefer to work during the weekdays since there is less foot traffic when people are outside of their houses for work.

However, before deciding to stay at home during your roof replacement, these are some important things that you have to consider.


Kids tend to be curious about their surroundings and can easily be distracted. It is best to be transparent with children on what is happening. Implementing rules and forbidding them on going to certain areas of the house can help ensure their safety. Additionally, it is best that they DO NOT play outside while work is being done.


Cats, dogs, rabbits, and other domesticated pets are quite sensitive to vibrations and noise pollution. Once your pets hear noises and vibrations that they are not used to, this will generate panic and anxiety for them. It is best to re-affirm your pets by being with them throughout the process. If you can, it also recommended tying your pets, putting them in protective cages, or letting your friends temporarily ‘adopt’ your pets. 


Of course, nobody wants their cars to be dented and scratched by falling debris. Simply park your car on the other end of the street so it is far away from any forms of falling debris. 

Interior and Exterior Furniture

If you are concerned with your safety and everyone else living inside your house, then having a professional roofing specialist to do the hauling, nailing, and ripping for your rooftop since these workers have years of experience in carefully removing your roof to maximize your safety. 


At the end of the day, your safety is always the top priority. Sure, we do want your roof to be done as soon as possible, but we also want to make sure that you are in good condition while we work on your roof. The process of removing a roof will mean that old shingles, eaves, boards, and other parts of the roof to be dismantled. The two best options to maximize the safety of inhabitants are to either stay inside a room that has sturdy walls or simply staying and observing the roofing process from outside. 

Noise Pollution 

Of course, replacing a roof means there is going to be a crew of specialists that are working together on the roof. Although our roofing specialists are aware that they are working in a residential area and need to be as quiet as possible, the different equipment being used is likely to cause some level of noise disturbance in your area. 

If you’re not keen on the amount of noise that’s being produced, then it is recommended that you move out of the house, at least when the workers are still working. But if you don’t mind the noise and feel like it will not impact much of your daily life.

Another way of canceling out all the noise from the roofing process is by moving towards your basement which has a natural form of insulation from noises coming from outside the house. Overall, you don’t have to stay home when your roof is being replaced or repaired. Depending on the type of work being done and the duration of the project, the decisions are, ultimately, yours. The main priority is ensuring that you and your family will be safe and would be able to go about your daily tasks. 

When conducting roofing Lake City FL, your contractor should give you an idea of how the work will be done and what areas will be affected. Talk with your contractor and they are likely to recommend you on what steps to take.


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